Joined our program in August of 2017. This was her very first job. We saw so much growth in her through the 10 months that she was here. Miranda graduated the program in July 2018. She is now working at a local retirement home, serving the elderly. We are so proud of her!

I joined the work study program on the 1st August 2017, this is my first working experience. I was depressed over a bad breakup and other challenges when I arrived. Nothing was pushed on me so I had time to grow and learn without having to stumble right out of the gate. I have learned how to make various coffee based drinks and how to help people when serving them.

One day I was asked to help Alondra, a freshmen in college, as she was struggling with some math homework. Since I had just relearned this same thing earlier in my class I was able to help her get it figured out too. A few days later Alondra told me that she passed her test! I felt so happy that I was able to help someone. It has made me more confident in myself that I can also be useful to others and make them happy. I’ve never been given this kind of opportunity before.

This has been a life changing experience. I have become more observant and more efficient. Working here is fun too! When my work study program was supposed to end, I was scared that I would have to leave the Café. They gave me an extension and I am so happy I got to stay longer. I am enjoying every moment of it!



Miranda completed the Work Readiness Program mid July 2018. Shortly after she left here, we were able to connect her with a manager of a local retirement home. She is now employed there and has been working hard serving the elderly. This is a new chapter for Miranda, and we are very proud of her for allowing herself to continue to grow and learn new things every day.