My name is Cecilia Stetson. I am twenty-six years old, married, and live in California. Before getting married, I worked at the Center for Sharing. Their program (work readiness program) helped me so much.

When I started working at the Center for Sharing, I was also working on getting my diploma. Cheryl and other Center for Sharing staff believed in me, and would tell me every time they saw me, that I could do it. It was difficult for me to believe because so many were telling me I wouldn’t be able to do it. I was also trying to fight an alcohol addiction.

The program, hospitality, and the opportunities I received for personal development played a substantial role in helping me obtain my diploma. It kept me focused and I was able to keep my head in the game. They knew I had a voice and believed in me. The most wonderful thing happened to me when I was accepted into the work readiness program and offered a job. I was trusted, loved, and encouraged. Eventually the Center for Sharing even helped me get out on my own. It was just an amazing feeling to have my own place, a place where I was allowed to be me.

The Center for Sharing helped me find my voice. I started going to college to follow my dream of having my degree. Without Center for Sharing, I would have never thought I could go to college. They made me see that whatever I put my mind to, I can achieve.