The Collegium Café is located in East Pasco, in the heart of the Tierra Vida community. But this isn’t just any Café! While the cafe serves up freshly prepared foods and drinks, it also acts as a place of employment. One of our main goals for the Café is to provide job opportunities in food service and hospitality, for people looking for their next step in life within a safe, welcoming environment.

Our work-study program is for those attending college, who need to work at the same time in order to stay in school.  Our work readiness program focuses on people who come in feeling beaten down by life, but willing to work while addressing personal development issues such as housing, finances, relationships, future goals, personal health and parenting issues, etc. within a safe, caring community setting. Café employees also learn how work as a team to host rentals and catering events of interest to the community at the Collegium.

At the Collegium Café, our goal is to help anyone who walks through our doors with a willingness to change. Our endeavor is to create a safe environment where people can work on becoming healthier, wiser, freer, and more able to take care of themselves as trusting relationships and a sense of community are nurtured. Through training in trauma informed care and servant leadership development we help individuals heal and learn to serve in preparation for learning to lead by serving others highest needs wherever God calls them.