Come join us!

The evening program was initiated by the Center for Sharing, which is open during the evening hours between 3-8pm weekdays, within the Collegium Cafe space. Although the evening program is intended to benefit the residents of the Tierra Vida community, it is open to everyone who comes with an open mind and wishes to spend their time meaningfully in a safe, informal social setting.


The evening program is not your usual after-school program!

Abraham Regunta, who presides over this program, works hard to convene it as a place of presence, designed to provide a “third” place in the community in which people are encouraged to feel at “home”. We seek to provide hospitality and welcome everyone who comes through our doors. We desire to provide a safe setting that offers everyone the freedom to  meet with friends, explore new skills, visit, play games, get a bite to eat, or  just be seen and listened to,  in a manner that supports Collegium values and principles.

We are a program with a difference as we offer a listening ear to anyone in need.

We believe in forming trusting relationships though meaningful conversations that encourage healthy, mutually respectful and productive lifestyles. Within an informal setting, children are introduced to values that will help them grow up as law abiding, responsible and caring members of the community. We recognize and encourage the need for family time as well as the need to foster new friendships, which we nurture through the organizing of social events such as Karaoke, game nights, movie nights, and indoor tournaments such as Chess, Carroms and other educational programs.

Come visit us and give us the opportunity to know you better and in the process, consider how we might work together in service of the common good.



Christian and Jennifer(Jenny) come to the Collegium almost every day that it’s open. These two have lived in the Tierra Vida community since it was first built. One afternoon as Christian was struggling to do his math homework, Jenny, without hesitation stepped in to help. When asked why she was so quick to help, she said that it’s what her community has taught her to do. We feel fortunate that we are able to provide a platform for these little ones to express themselves and spread positivity in the community through their actions.



On August 23rd the Evening Program held it’s first Chess Tournament. 8 children were taught from scratch how to play the game. While these games are fun they also are also contributing to their development as they get the opportunity to think, reason, and strategize their next moves. Quite often there are instances where a child is looking for a partner to play a game which leads to the first acquaintance. It’s just wonderful to see how these unexpected acquaintances happen which lead to healthy friendships and flourish over time.

Coffee With A Cop


The evening program is not just about games and children. It’s a place that gives each and every one a chance to express themselves. It could just a regular day or a special event day like the Coffee with the Cops, or Karaoke Night or a career defining acquaintance, or just a casual meeting over a cup of coffee.  We believe in supporting each other with love and compassion and by giving everyone an equal opportunity to talk and letting them know that they are important and their voices are being heard.

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