Working in a coffee shop is the coolest job a high schooler can have. So we want to help them do it right.

The Youth Cafe Program is designed to help Students get the skills and experience needed to benefit them in work in the future. It is staffed by volunteers from the CFS staff , however, all the training is done only by Collegium café staff. The trainers are supported both in presence and in scheduling by CFS staff.1

The program allows for 10 students ranging from the ages of 14 -19 per quarter. This way we can schedule 2 students per day and 1 trainer per day as well. For some of us this means multiple days, but it again is all volunteer.  Students also have the option to come and work more hours on Fridays since it will be busier then, and it is on a first come first serve basis. (In order to avoid “too many cooks in the kitchen”)

The students are working volunteer (no pay) so that they may gain the Job skill and work experience they need to acquire jobs.