Our heart is to not only change the community of east Pasco, but to also help empower young people around the Tri-Cities who have been pushed to the margins. We mostly work with single moms and minorities who have been pushed to the edges of society and need encouragement, support, as well as love and direction through programs like the Servant Leadership Courses and the Collegium Cafe Job Training Program. The Servant leadership Course is provided through the Vista Hermosa Foundation and is designed to help individuals and businesses begin the practice of leading people through service modeled by Robert Greenleaf, in order to help cast the eyes of the world on those who need it most.

The Collegium Café Job Training Program places an emphasis on individual skill building, teamwork, and accountability. The Cafe manager and CFS staff (Job Training Team) work with participants in the areas of job training, personal development, academic education, and potential job placement. The purpose of this is to increase self-sufficiency, obtain new job skills, develop résumés, explore career path ideas, and help start a career. The Job Training Program can last anywhere from six months to a year. We are all about creating a safe place where people are becoming healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, and more likely themselves to serve one another.

Nevresa was originally brought on as a barista through the Collegium Cafe’s Work-Study Program and because of her hard work and dedication, she has completed her Associates in Business Administration, and is now working full time as an Administrative Assistant at Center for Sharing.


“When I first came to the Center for Sharing almost 3 years ago, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was in a very volatile relationship, had a 2-year-old little girl, Aleena, and zero hope that anything would ever change. My defense was to lash out and push people away.
Without judgement I was accepted into the CFS family and they loved me until I learned to love myself. Over time, through taking human development courses I started feeling freer, lighter, and more able to handle stressful situations. Situations that would usually knock me off my feet and consume me, started to happen less frequently and when they did happen they were not as intense.
Today my sweet Aleena is in a daycare that is teaching her about God, and at 4-years old there are days where she is my teacher. One night, I said to her, something about how much energy she has and that I didn’t know where she got it from. She says to me, “I do, from God.”
I’m learning every day and through the Café’s Work Readiness Program I’ve learned that we are all chosen! Today I’m doing better emotionally, spiritually then I ever thought possible, and because of everything I’ve learned and all the grace I’ve been given I’m able to be a better mother, a better friend, and a better coworker.”