Last week we had a large group of people visiting us at the Collegium Café. A closer look revealed that this group belonged to the Fun, Fit and Over Fifty Club. In a short time both small and large groups from this club have visited us. I welcomed them all and shortly after several members of the club came over and greeted me. Herb who is the group leader told me that this group was part of the WALK group and had started their 5-mile walk from the Sacagawea Park that morning. They told me they were excited to be here as this place always seems peaceful and generates positive vibes for people who enter the building.

One member of the group told me that she really liked what we did here at the Collegium Café. She said that we make everyone feel welcomed here, which makes them feel at home. She said that they were here to contribute to the work that we were doing at the Center for Sharing. She emphasized that the FUN, FIT AND OVER FIFTY CLUB was highly appreciative of the Work Readiness program, which helps girls from vulnerable communities and gives them a new lease of life. She also told me that the Servant Leadership course was very impressive as it teaches us the concept of shared leadership while placing the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible in their respective communities.

The staff at the Center for Sharing and the Collegium Café take this opportunity to thank the Fun Fit and Over Fifty Club for recognizing the work that we do and inspiring us to be better through their generous contribution. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners who have financially collaborated with us during the year of 2018. Any meaningful work to uplift communities requires a collective effort, therefore we thank you all for believing, trusting and partnering with us as we collectively strive to change lives.