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Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, was in town on August 24th and visited us here at The Collegium for an informal dialogue on immigration.

Ali has been a friend and partner to the Center for Sharing and Vista Hermosa Foundation for a number of years. You can read his bio here. As well as links to his writings and podcasts here.

The National Immigration Forum focuses on a number of initiatives, including:
Bible, Badges, and Business for Immigration Reform (BBB): a network of conservative and moderate faith, law enforcement, business leaders, and veterans coming together to create a new consensus on immigrants and America, including broad immigration solutions that keep communities safe, respect the rule of law, help the economy grow and are compassionate. Read More
New American Workforce: businesses assisting their eligible immigrant employees with the citizenship process, including English language learning so they become full participants in the workplace, their community and our economy. Read More
Welcome Campaign: in partnership with World Relief, a digital community of Christian women committed to living out Christ-like hospitality for “the stranger.” A great resources for videos, documentary, and group study guide. Read More

Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter visited the Collegium for a sit down with a few core leaders from each of our local PAC communities. This gave us an opportunity to ask Jim some questions and share with him about some of the work we’ve been doing.

J.D. Hunter Associates, LLC, a Leadership Training & Consulting Firm, was founded by Jim Hunter in 1984.

In addition to providing Speaking Services around the world, Jim assists organizations in creating a culture of excellence by growing leaders, building high-performing teams & community.

Jim (Bio) is the author of 3 international bestselling books that have sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has worked with hundreds of organizations over the past 30+ years (Clients).