Though I have been working with children for thirteen years, it always seems to be a huge challenge working with children who display some behavioral concerns. However, the more I work and spend time with them the more I am convinced that disciplining a child is a better approach than resorting to punishment.

I believe punishment is the process of inflicting pain and suffering for an abnormal act, or poor choice, in respect to a child’s behavior. Disciplining however is the process of training a child in accordance with the rules and values that are in place. For me personally, discipline is to teach a child and help him/her to improve their behavior for the future. This is what I believe we practice at the evening program at the Collegium Café (which starts at 3pm every day). It is a time when we get to see a lot of children at the Collegium, where they engage in many different ways with each other and with our staff. Many times, I have been faced with situations that have left me wondering what the best approach I should take with a given child in a given situation. I have realized that sitting down with the child and going through the process of teaching him/her yielded best results.

The entire staff at the Center for Sharing takes great pride as we follow this simple method to discipline a child through a process of compassion. It is quite amazing how differently a child reacts when treated with compassion and respect, rather than using intimidation to address their behavioral issues. I believe that there is no other alternative to love, compassion, and empathy. It is through this personal touch, we are able to build-up, and speak life to these wonderful kids who are just seeking quality time and attention from their loved ones.