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News and Community.

Ali Noorani

Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, was in town on August 24th and visited us here at The Collegium for an informal dialogue on immigration. Ali has been a friend and partner to the Center for Sharing and Vista Hermosa Foundation for a number of years. You…

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Exemplary Sportsmanship

We recently held a chess tournament at the Collegium. The format was simple: we had eight participants starting from the quarterfinal stage, and the winner moves to the next round. Eight (8) year old Chava Soto who just started playing chess recently was the youngest among the participants. He played…

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Servant Leadership July 2018 Alumni Event

A “community of servant leaders” alumni event is held quarterly, to provide a space for SL alumni to share stories, socialize and in the process continue to nurture understanding and community amongst each other.  The 19th July, 2018 was one such evening complete with delicious food, drinks and fellowship. We also…

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Resolving Conflict Through a Sensible Approach

One day at the Collegium, I noticed that Nathan and Azhar were having a conversation. For some reason I sensed that there was an argument between them. I intervened and almost immediately Nathan left. I asked Azhar if everything was fine. He said he was upset and told me that…

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The Power of Prayer

The Center for Sharing is part of an association of community-based programs designed to enhance the spiritual wellbeing of those served through nurturing deeper connections with self, God, others and their place. At their core are welcoming practices: inviting in strangers, evoking their gifts, putting them to work in service…

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A Trust Building Approach

This week at the Collegium Café I was playing Chess with the kids. It was a normal day; it was noisy with lots of different activities taking place. I suddenly heard Jose, a 10-year-old boy, use language considered derogatory. His reaction came after he lost the chess game. He could…

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Living in Community

Shaunee  Hooper, pictured above, works at The Collegium Café, and like so many of the young women who come to the Center for Sharing (CFS), Shaunee came here through our Job Training Program. The steps that she’s taken in such a short amount of time, to give herself and her…

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