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A community center located in the Tierra Vida community.

The Collegium Cafe’s purpose is to function as a “third place” where strangers visit for many different reasons, whether for a meal, a visit with friends over coffee, fries and soda or a special event. Here people can casually meet, get to know each other over time, while developing safe social networks and a deeper sense of community within a Cafe setting, where people feel like they are at home.

Why is community important?

Today there is a social and spiritual disconnection going on in our country. We experience loneliness and disruption in our communal life. It is our goal to offer a safe space where individuals from our surrounding communities might connect with one another, in this place, and experience over time something of Robert Greenleaf’s test for servant leaders: “are people growing, becoming healthier, wiser, freer, more able to take care of themselves, more likely to serve others? And what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Are they at least not being further deprived because of our service?”

We believe that at the heart of every life-giving program is a group of servant leaders working to further the common good-to nurture rebinding what hat been broken. We believe that each community has the people within it with gifts and the calling to meet the needs of that community, and if empowered, those emerging leaders can solve many of the world’s most difficult problems.


We Operate With Two Main Programs.


Evening Program

Our Evening Program is intended to benefit everyone with an open mind and wishes to spend time meaningfully in a safe, informal social setting between 3-8pm weekdays.


Work Readiness Program

One of our Work Readiness Program main goals is to provide job opportunities in food service and hospitality, while of course serving up freshly prepared foods and drinks.

We offer several different products and services to people in the Tri-Cities area.


Food & Drinks

Check out our diverse menu of food and drinks. Stop by or take a look online to see availability and prices.


Room Rentals

For your business meeting, a birthday party, baby shower, or any other event.

Community Stories and News.


12/14/2018 By ABRAHAM REGUNTA It was a normal morning at the Collegium. Rachel came rushing into my office and asked me to take a picture of two little boys who visit the Collegium Café almost every day. I took my camera and sat close to where the boys were sitting. I started to observe them and…

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The Carroms Tournament

12/07/2018 By Abraham Regunta It was another dark, rainy evening in Pasco. Inside the Collegium Café however we had lots of activity. It was noisy, and the kids were excited and in high spirits. This time the excitement was due to the Carroms Tournament. Carroms is a cue sport-based table top game which is extremely…

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Coffee With A Cop

The evening program is not just about games and children. It’s a place that gives each and every one a chance to express themselves. It could just a regular day or a special event day like the Coffee with the Cops, or Karaoke Night or a career defining acquaintance, or just a casual meeting over…

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Helping A Friend In Need

Christian and Jennifer(Jenny) come to the Collegium almost every day that it’s open. These two have lived in the Tierra Vida community since it was first built. One afternoon as Christian was struggling to do his math homework, Jenny, without hesitation stepped in to help. When asked why she was so quick to help, she…

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Chess Tournament

On August 23rd the Evening Program held its first Chess Tournament. 8 children were taught from scratch how to play the game. While these games are fun they also are also contributing to their development as they get the opportunity to think, reason, and strategize their next moves. Quite often there are instances where a child…

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Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter visited the Collegium for a sit down with a few core leaders from each of our local PAC communities. This gave us an opportunity to ask Jim some questions and share with him about some of the work we’ve been doing. J.D. Hunter Associates, LLC, a Leadership Training & Consulting Firm, was founded by…

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Ali Noorani

Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, was in town on August 24th and visited us here at The Collegium for an informal dialogue on immigration. Ali has been a friend and partner to the Center for Sharing and Vista Hermosa Foundation for a number of years. You can read his bio here. As…

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Exemplary Sportsmanship

We recently held a chess tournament at the Collegium. The format was simple: we had eight participants starting from the quarterfinal stage, and the winner moves to the next round. Eight (8) year old Chava Soto who just started playing chess recently was the youngest among the participants. He played a nice first game to…

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Servant Leadership July 2018 Alumni Event

A “community of servant leaders” alumni event is held quarterly, to provide a space for SL alumni to share stories, socialize and in the process continue to nurture understanding and community amongst each other.  The 19th July, 2018 was one such evening complete with delicious food, drinks and fellowship. We also heard a powerful true-life story…

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Resolving Conflict Through a Sensible Approach

One day at the Collegium, I noticed that Nathan and Azhar were having a conversation. For some reason I sensed that there was an argument between them. I intervened and almost immediately Nathan left. I asked Azhar if everything was fine. He said he was upset and told me that Nathan and he were talking…

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