Lets be real though, in a city where there are a bunch of small coffee shops, what makes Collegium Cafe different from any other one out there?

We want to fully embody everything that excellent coffee brings and more.We believe coffee is not just a drink. It’s something you experience. Something you do. The second you walk in the door, the ether’s of perfectly blended Stumptown coffee fills your senses. You’re instantly transported into a world of comfort and pleasure.

That’s just the start of it.

We love the community, we love the art, and we love service; so naturally we believe you deserve the best… All that to say, what makes us stand out is not just in what we have to drink, but its much deeper than that. It’s about that place you can go and expect to see your friends already there experiencing the euphoria of a creamy latte. It’s about that place where you can get lost in a book or meet up for business.  It’s about that place you go and can always expect food designed to punch your cravings in the face. It’s about that place you can go, and…well… it just feels right.

It’s about that place where with every purchase you make, you are helping make a difference…