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A community center located in the Tierra Vida community.

The Collegium Cafe’s purpose is to function as a “third place” where strangers visit for many different reasons, whether for a meal, a visit with friends over coffee, fries and soda or a special event. Here people can casually meet, get to know each other over time, while developing safe social networks and a deeper sense of community within a Cafe setting, where people feel like they are at home.

Why is community important?

Today there is a social and spiritual disconnection going on in our country. We experience loneliness and disruption in our communal life. It is our goal to offer a safe space where individuals from our surrounding communities might connect with one another, in this place, and experience over time something of Robert Greenleaf’s test for servant leaders: “are people growing, becoming healthier, wiser, freer, more able to take care of themselves, more likely to serve others? And what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Are they at least not being further deprived because of our service?”

We believe that at the heart of every life-giving program is a group of servant leaders working to further the common good-to nurture rebinding what hat been broken. We believe that each community has the people within it with gifts and the calling to meet the needs of that community, and if empowered, those emerging leaders can solve many of the world’s most difficult problems.


We offer several different products and services to people in the Tri-Cities area including catering and Room Rentals.

Food & Drinks

Check out our diverse menu of food and drinks. Stop by or take a look online to see availability and prices.

Room Rentals

For your business meeting, a birthday party, baby shower, or any other event.